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Of Company and Employees, Reportage, Interior, Couples, Concerts, Children, Maternity, Pets, Nature, Animals, Fashion, Families, Portrait, Weddings, Travel, Commercial, Food, Product, Bachelorette parties, Events

Outside Estonia, Tallinn, Tartu, Harjumaa, Tartumaa, Võrumaa


3 years


Contact e-mail monaeendra {ät} gmail.com

+372 53448396

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Hey! I am Mona, photographer from Estonia, but living in Denmark for the past 6 years. I am travelling back and forth Denmark and Estonia often, so I would be happy to hear from you if you need a passionate photographer to capture your moments!

I have been fascinated by photography since I got my first digital camera 7-8 years ago. I think it’s so much fun to be able to create something beautiful and then make it even more beautiful afterward. What makes me happiest is seeing that my work makes a positive impact in the people’s lives that I make the photographs for. I am a people’s person. I want to make everyone around me happy. Photography gives me the opportunity do so.

I photograph portraits, events, weddings, families, animals, interiors, products.

While living in Denmark, I have had the privilege to assist and intern with several amazing Danish photographers, including: Jon Norddahl, Anni Norddahl, Niels Busch and Martin Dyrløv.
During my time with each of them, I have learned valuable lessons about the technical as well as the creative parts of photography.

I am the kind of person who finds herself often (sometimes even way too often) browsing through old photographs on my computer and phone. Simply to look back at the good times, beautiful moments and times that might have already vanished if it wasn’t for the photograph that was taken. I believe I am not the only one who cherishes her photos.

If you need a passionate photographer to capture your moments, I am here for you!

Today’s moments are tomorrow’s memories. Let’s make them memorable forever, together.
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